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da Cortona, "Romulus and Remus Brought to Shepherd Faustulus"

courtesy of copyright holder Kathleen Cohen

World Art Kiosk

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A wiki is an easy to assemble, member-created, virtually infinitely expandable set of linked webpages.


After you read the TermsOfUse, it's time to get started.


Here you'll find help for designing and enhancing your own pages.

Page Design Shortcuts

For easy explanations on common formatting, check the WikiStyle page.

  • boldface: place double asterisks (**) in front and behind or <b> in front and </b> after
  • italics: place double apostrophes ('') in front and behind or <i> in front and </i> after
  • underlining: place double underscores (__) in front and behind or <u> in front and </u> after
  • divisions within a page: three consecutive hyphens (---) on their own line
  • bulleted lists: either use the bullet feature on the Edit page or insert an asterisk (*) followed by a single space
  • numbered lists: either use the number feature on the Edit page or insert a number sign (#) followed by a single space
  • tables: place a line (|) around each element you wish to become a cell in your table:
cell onecell two
cell threecell four

  • to create a hit counter, add <views> (at the top of the page?)

    NOTE: About half the time, this simple hit counter seems not to work. According to it, the TermsOfUse page has had over two hundred million hits as of June 13, 2006, which for two months of existence, would make even Google jealous.

Create Your Own Page

For an explanation of how to create your own wiki pages just by typing a page title, check out the PageCreation page. It takes you through all the steps to create your page, including codes, graphics, and tips.

HTML Color Codes

For html codes on how to edit the color of a page or font, click here: html color codes.doc

Add the Ecce Forum Button

For the html code to add the Join the Ecce Forum button to the bottom of each page, click here: html code for promote button.doc or view the last section in edit mode after you click the Edit page tab at the top.

HTML Clean Code

(advanced users)


For the < type &lt;

For the > type &gt;

For the © type &copy;

For the & type &amp;

For the " type &quot;



  • <span style="font-family: courier; font-size: larger; color: #000000;>Latin</span>


  • <img src="http://www.tabney.com/files/clipart/internet3-D.jpg" alt="???" title="???" width="128" height="128">

Get Started

Now go play on the ExperimentPage.

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