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On this page, I'll provide a simple demo (spero fore ut id perfacile fuerit) for how to create your own page in no time flat. Read on; then go and do likewise.


We'll assume you have always wanted to make a page for your various classes, although the purpose could be anything. Anyway, you don't know much about programming or something mysterious called HTML. You also don't have time to contact your school tech person for help every afternoon as you try to update your page. With a wiki, none of this matters. Before you get left behind in the technological tidal wave, it's time to become proactive.

There is already a preexisting page for ClassPages. If you will click--when I ask you to do so--on that underlined, mashed together name, it will take you to the appropriate page. Look at the links already there. The only requirement for use is that you insert your own page alphabetically. (NOTA BENE: Be sure to check the guidelines for whatever page you are linking from. Since we're creating a class page, we'll follow the rules for that page.) Now click on the double word that was underlined just above and see what I mean. When you finish, just click on the Back button in your browser, and you'll return here, right where we left off.


Back? Great. Did you notice that many of the names on that page had the same format, i.e., a double word written as one, but with both elements capitalized? That's the wiki way of saying, "Make this a page." So that's what we're going to do.


  1. Choose a name for your class page. I'd suggest your last name and your school name. Type both names with initial caps and as a single element. For the sake of argument, I'll pretend that your name is Lois Jones and you teach at Clifton High School. Under that assumption, your new page might be called JonesClifton.
  2. On the ClassPages page, you would click on Edit page at the top of the screen and then find the place alphabetically where JonesClifton belongs. Type it in.
  3. When you Save the page, it will appear with a broken underline, so JonesClifton. Obviously you haven't made this page yet; that will be our next step. (NOTA BENE: Any page name anywhere at this wiki with a broken underline doesn't exist until you click on it and make it in the Edit screen that appears. For the sake of this demo do NOT click on the link above.)
  4. Once you have made a page, the line will be solid.
  5. Now pretend you have clicked on the broken underlined JonesClifton link (DON'T do it!). This is the page you'd see where you would simply type in your new page (more explanation below the screenshot): . This screenshot recreates the edit page for JonesClifton and gives you directions on how to add clipart, set up a table of contents, put in dividing lines, create bulleted and number lists, insert hyperlinks and your e-mail address.   TIP: You may wish to keep it open in one window while you click on your real link on the ClassPages page in another window. Once you are logged in, you can open the wiki in multiple browser windows.
  6. When you finish the work on your page, click the Save button.
  7. To see what the finished JonesClifton page would look like, click on the name (at last!) as it appears here in a solid underline, an indicator that your page is now real: JonesClifton. Looks pretty cool and professional, doesn't it?
  8. So if the page is real, why does it read JonesClifton2 at the top? Because I left JonesClifton unmade, so I could keep the broken line under it, and therefore I had to cheat and make a second page. I know a trick to make JonesClifton2 read as though it's JonesClifton. Try both links in the previous sentence; you'll wind up at the same place. (NOTA BENE: This is similar to what spammers do with phony links to credit card companies and bank accounts and stuff like that.) That's also why nobody can ever click on JonesClifton and make any edits and save them. Then the page becomes real, and the broken underline disappears.
  9. The only difference between the screenshot code in bullet #5 above and the finished product that you saw is that I added the code for generating the promote Ecce Romani Group at the bottom of the page, which is a requirement for every page at this wiki. The code is available as a Word document in the files section. The files appear on the right of the Edit screen (see the screenshot in #5 above). Just open the file or save to your computer if you must and paste the code into the very bottom of your page. Done. Wasn't that simple?
  10. From day to day, or week to week, you can just go into your new page, click the Edit page button and type your new assignments, tests, quizzes. You won't have to change the clipart, the Ecce button at the bottom, the table of contents box (unless you add new classes), and can even probably reuse most of the originally typed asterisks for your bulleted lists. Just highlight the existing assignment and type over it, just as you would in a word processor. Enjoy!




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