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Tiepolo, "Venus Showing Arms to Aeneas"

art on this page courtesy of copyright holder Kathleen Cohen

World Art Kiosk

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Welcome Message

Hello, welcome to our page for latest updates. These Wiki pages have a way of growing out of control, like the Lernaean Hydra.


Please observe the requirements for participating in this Wiki by reading and adhering to the next section of the page.


Rules for Making a Record of Your Work

Rather than need to prune them injudiciously, here's what I'm asking (sc. "posc┼Ź"):

  1. Make an entry here when you make an addition or change. The Changes link does not provide English-friendly specifics. If you're not used to programming language, the details may not make sense to you. Inform fellow members of what you're doing, so we won't have 15 pages on the ImperfectTense.
  2. Your entry should take this format: Date in Boldface (4-digit Year, 2-digit Month, 2-digit Date, which is the internet standard) followed by "(Entry by Your Name)".
  3. Beneath that heading put the additions or changes in bulleted format and
  4. As nearly as possible list your work in hysteron proteron order, with the most recent changes first (See the entries below for graphic examples).
  5. If you don't know how to add these features, you can click on the Edit page tab above to see how the computer and I have physically put the page together or go to the ExplainThis page for explanations and shortcuts.
  6. NOTA BENE: If you don't have time both to make (update, edit) a page and to make an entry here to let others know what you have done, do NOT make the other changes until you do. Don't neglect this request, folks. Let's keep a record before the site swells out of control. Notes don't have to be complicated, as you will see if you read on.
  7. You need NOT make an entry everytime you update a personal ClassPages page or change a comma.
  8. Hyperlink your page references within your entries so readers can quickly access them to see what you've done.



Complete List of Additions



 2008-08-20 (Entry by Tim Abney)



2008-05-19 (Entry by Matt)




2008-05-15 (Entry by Kyle)



2008-05-16 (Entry by Kyle)




2008-05-16 (Entry by Rachel)



2008-05-15 (Entry by Chelsea)



008-05-15 (Entry by Paul Jarasek)



2008-05-14 (Entry by Chelsea)



2008-05-14 (Entry by Rachel)



2008-05-13 (Entry by Chelsea)



2008-05-13 (Entry by Matt)



2008-05-12 (Entry by Rachel)



2008-05-11 (Entry by Zachary R)



2008-05-09 (Entry by Zachary R)



2008-05-09 (Entry by Matt)



2008-05-09 (Entry by Rachel)



2008-05-07(Entry by Paul Jarasek)



 2008-05-07(Entry by Zachary R)




2008-05-07 (Entry by Chelsea)



2008-05-06(Entry by Zachary R)



2008-05-05 (Entry by Rachel)



2008-05-05(Entry by Zachary R)

  • Made the TranslationBk1Ch05 and added a couple lines of translation-someone should proofread because I am not sure its 100% correct 



2008-05-04(Entry by Zachary R)



2008-05-02 (Entry by Kyle (Sky) N.)



2008-05-02(Entry by Zachary R)



2008-05-02 (Entry by Matt)



2008-05-01 (Entry by Rachel)



2008-05-01 (Entry by Rachel)



2008-05-01 (Entry by Chelsea)



2008-04-30(Entry by Zachary R)



2008-04-30 (Entry by Chelsea)



2008-04-30 (Entry by Kyle (Heaven) N.)




2008-04-30(Entry by Rachel)

  • added sentences to Bk1Ch4




2008-04-30(Entry by Zachary R)




2008 - 04- 29




2008-04-29(Entry by Zachary R)





2008-04-29 (Entry by Matt Hollstein)

2008-04-29 (Entry by Kyle (Heaven) N.)



2008-04-29 (Entry by Paul Jarasek)




2008-04-29 (Entry by Tim Abney)




2008-04-29 (Entry by Chelsea)




2008-04-28 (Entry by Kyle (Heaven) N.)





2008-04-28 (Entry by Tim Abney)

  • added Rule 8 to the RecentAdditions page to facilitate viewing the changes recorded here.
  • added Caesar2008 link to the SideBar that appears on every page to add class in moving around quickly from one page to another.




2008-04-27 (Entry by Rachel)

  • added english sentence #4 to chapter 1.2
  • reorganized how to get to translations so it is the same as how to get to the sentences




2008-04-27 (Entry by Kyle (Heaven) N.)





2008-04-27 (Entry by Zachary R)




2008-04-26 (Entry by Zachary R)

  • The 1.1 English questions are now in arranged within the table of contents
  • Added four sentances to TranslationBk1Ch03




2008-04-25 (Entry by Kyle (Heaven) N.)




2008-04-25(Entry by Zachary R)

  • Added a table of contents to the latin items page with the 1.1 items page
  • Added a table of contents to the english items page along with the new 1.1 items page





2008-04-25(Entry by Chelsea)





2008-04-25(Entry by Matt)

  • made a contribution to the Ch1.2 Translation
  • made recent additions to the Military Rule Page





2008-04-24 (Entry by Paul J)





2008-04-24 (Entry by Kyle (Heaven) N)





2008-04-24 (Entry by Rachel R)

  • added the latin sentences for 1.2
  • added some of CH 1.2 translation
  • also created/started the Ch 1.3 translation





2008-04-23 (Entry by Zachary R)





2008-04-23 (Entry by Tim Abney)





2007-02-06 (Entry by Tim Abney)





2006-11-12 (Entry by Tim Abney)





2006-11-11 (Entry by Tim Abney)

  • Created a HorizonOfExpectations page to use for the development of reading skills. Needs lots of help.
  • Added Join Ecce Romani group button to Sandra Enscoe's EnscoeWPS page and to the PluperfectTense, which I had forgotten to do.
  • Minor editing to layout of PluperfectTense page. I added a section on the horizon of expectations for pluperfect, preparatory to creating a HorizonOfExpectations page, a place to develop reading and analytical skills in accordance with the reading/inductive approach of the Ecce Romani series.





2006-09-24 (Entry by Tim Abney)

  • Minor tweaking to the TermsOfUse page to improve its appearance. The terms have remained unchanged.





2006-09-14 (Entry by Tim Abney)

  • Wrote a note on the QuidNovi page about the naming of UB313, the Kuiper Belt object that cost Pluto its planetary status. The new name chosen is Eris, goddess of strife.





2006-08-25 (Entry by Tim Abney)

  • Followed up on this entry with a commemoration of the Mt. Vesuvius eruption and the Latin text of Pliny's letter to Tacitus on the subject (6.20).
  • Put first entry on QuidNovi about the demotion of Pluto from planet to dwarf planet. I hereby claim credit for translating this term into Latin!
  • Created QuidNovi page for the PaginaeLatinae.





2006-08-17 (Entry by Sandra Enscoe)





2006-06-16 (Entry by Tim Abney)





2006-06-15 (Entry by Tim Abney)

  • Minor changes to various pages just after midnight, particularly to the PaginaeLatinae launch page.





2006-06-14 (Entry by Tim Abney)

  • Creation of the planned PaginaeLatinae launch page with shortcuts for macrons and links to news in Latin on the web.
  • Minute revisions and examples for the ExplainThis and Home page.
  • Added ExperimentPage to the SideBar.
  • Creation of an ExperimentPage, where members can try out the features with no fear of eliminating something irreplaceable.



  • Minute revisions to TermsOfUse in preparation for the debut.
  • Updated the ExplainThis page in preparation for the debut.
  • Added AgendaRomana to the SideBar.
  • Created an AgendaRomana page. This page will be our master list of things to do and things we'd like to add. Dig in.
  • Organized the PassiveVoice page a bit. Needs work.
  • Organized the ImperfectTense a bit more. Needs contributors to fill in the gaps.
  • Got the FuturePerfect page in a kind of preliminary order.



 2006-06-13 (Entry by Tim Abney)



 2006-06-08 (Entry by Tim Abney)

  • Added a shortcut link to a great Aeneid review activity online. 


2006-05-10 (Entry by Tim Abney)


  • After a week of nothing more serious than adding a comma or something, I have revised the TermsOfUse to stress the need to protect our password.




2006-04-14 (Entry by Tim Abney)

  • If you visit the Changes page, you'll see a bunch of minor tweaking and uploads and downloads of files. All I really did was spend the time experimenting how to get the FuturePerfect page graphic to appear properly. Think I finally got it.




2006-04-12 (Entry by Tim Abney)

  • Have put in a preliminary FuturePerfect page, really a blank at the moment with a nice visual of the tense timeline.
  • Have added the grammar entries to the EncyclopaediaRomana, the first items on this new page.





2006-04-11 (Entry by Tim Abney)

  • I have added a PerfectTense page with a clipart art visual timeline and explanations.
  • I have added an ImperfectTense page with a clipart visual timeline and fairly detailed explanations of all the ways to bring a Latin imperfect into English.
  • Added a link to PageCreation in the SideBar.
  • Have created my own school page for my classes: AbneyMarquette.





2006-04-10 (Entry by Tim Abney)

  • Have added a link on the ExplainThis page to the PageCreation page.
  • Created all the supplementary materials (a screenshot file and dummy page) to make the PageCreation page show you how to make your own page.
  • Created a PageCreation page to show how to make a wiki page just by doing a little typing.
  • Made minor revisions to the RecentAdditions page.
  • I've added a ClassPages central, where we can either easily create or link to preexisting class pages for our schools. More info will be added later today. 




2006-04-09 (Entry by Tim Abney)


  • It is now possible to delete Comments from each page's list.
  • I've upgraded to a premium service, so no more adds and 1000 MB of file space. Ought to meet our immediate needs.
  • I've added a hit counter, which seems to be malfunctioning about half the time, to all the pages.
  • I've started the UsefulLinks page.
  • I've put together a preliminary TermsOfUse page.
  • I've decided that we should advertise the Ecce Romani Forum at the bottom of every page we create. Let's promote ourselves and the good work we can do. The code for the promotion button is here: html code for promote button.doc
  • I've decided on the format for the updates on this page.
  • I've decided that contributor updates on this page are mandatory.
  • I've begun the present page for updates.
  • I've begun the preliminary work on a "How To" page. Find it here: ExplainThis
  • I've set all passwords for
    • Contributor
    • Moderator
  • I've decided to head each page with a groovy piece of artwork. Let's make it look nice.
  • I've decided that we can use this in part as our own Wikipedia, an EncyclopaediaRomana. We'll create pages of reliable internet information and resources for our students, our fellow internet travelers, and ourselves.




2006-04-08 (Entry by Tim Abney)


  • I've added artwork with proper attribution (this is a must; there will be NO copyright infringements) to the SideBar and the FrontPage.
  • I've created a SideBar page as suggested.
  • I've added a fourth comment to the FrontPage to see whether I could or not. I could! But, now, how do I get rid of them?
  • I've added some spurious comments to the FrontPage just to see how to do it. A seemingly knowledgable commentator said one could only add three comments per page in the free version.
  • I've spent hours going in circles with the FAQ page and the TipsForum trying to figure out how to make use of this.
  • I've created a PBWiki for our Ecce Romani Forum. It was a little ad appearing in the margin of the Forum site, offered as a free service for Yahoo! Groups. Seems to have potential for us, to enable us to do some things we can't in the confines of the Forum itself.






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