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Salvete, omnes! Welcome, everyone!


Everyone is welcome to browse our Wiki, an offshoot of the Ecce Romani Forum listserv at Yahoo! Groups. We are a group of students and teachers who study, discuss, teach, and learn Latin primarily via the Ecce Romani textbook series.


Our purpose in both settings is strictly educational and assistance-oriented. You'll find no online casinos, home mortage deals, or dating services here. We also lack vanity pages and online blogs/rants.


Terms for Visitors

Visitors, especially students, please note that although our forum consists by and large of Latin teachers employed at various levels and in a wide range of settings, we are neither professional computer programmers nor do we lay claim to definitive knowledge of the topics headquartered here.

  • We cannot guarantee our Wiki to be entirely free glitches or unfinished pages.
  • Always read a book to be sure of your facts.
  • If you rely upon our materials, please give proper credit, rather than claiming our work as your own. In other words, do NOT plagiarize. Many of us are your teachers, so you never know who's watching!


Would-Be Contributors

Contributors come from the ranks of the Ecce Romani Forum. If you'd like to make a contribution otherwise or believe you have detected an error, please contact the Wiki administrator.


Terms for Contributors

Contributors are required to adhere to the following terms:

  1. Password protection: once you have received a password, you agree not to share it with anyone without consent of the moderators or administrator. If you are not particularly technically skilled, ask for help here or at the Ecce Romani Forum. Do NOT entrust the password to a computer literate student to "do a favor for" you.
  2. Use of standard American English in spelling, word choice, and punctuation. (The administrator, a victim of a permanent Midwestern messianic complex, reserves the right of final discretion and divine intervention in this regard.)
  3. Latin may be used. In fact, a set of PaginaeLatinae would be encouraged.
  4. Restraint and courtesy in the revision or correction of other people's pages.
  5. No rants or tirades. Public schools, private and parochial schools, colleges and universities, home schoolers, and all interested parties should feel welcome here. If you're mad at your students, tell them directly. If you can't stand Jesuit education, put that on your personal page somewhere else.
  6. Appropriateness goes for links as well. We know that some classics material is for mature audiences. It might be best to link to a page that links to a page. Beyond age appropriateness, links that attack schools, religions, political views lie outside the bounds. One thinks of the old term "good form" as descriptive of our conduct.
  7. Each change or addition requires a dated, detailed, but plain English description thereof on the RecentAdditions page. (See that page for further details and examples.)
  8. Strict adherence to copyright laws, including, but not limited to, fair use policies. If you put it here, make sure you have a legal right to do so.
  9. It would make our wiki more attractive if each page could begin with an illustration (but see previous note).
  10. Please try not to go overboard on the size of files. If it's relevant, add it, but let's not see how fast we can use up the space. You will note, for example, that my clipart is stored on my own website with the exception of what I have created specifically for this wiki.
  11. Each page should include the Join Ecce Romani Forum button, for which the code is available here: html code for promote button.doc .

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